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buildfarm-client-wiki.git wiki for Exim Build Farm Client Jeremy Harris 5 years ago
buildfarm-client.git Client to build Exim and report results to... Jeremy Harris 7 weeks ago
buildfarm-server.git Server side for Exim Build Farm Jeremy Harris 2 weeks ago
exim-website.git Exim website sources and generation scripts Nigel Metheringham 3 weeks ago
exim.git Master Exim source repository Jeremy Harris 49 min ago
git-perl-utils.git Perl utils for git/development functions Nigel Metheringham 8 years ago
mirror-monitor.git Monitor mirrors of exim website and download... Nigel Metheringham 6 months ago
users/heiko/exim.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'descripti... Heiko Schlittermann 2 years ago
users/jgh/exim.git Jeremy Harris' staging directory Jeremy Harris 3 years ago